New Peace Rituals and Observances (In Progress)

Spiritual traditions are activated and communities reinforced through Rituals and shared Observances. Below is a tentative list of Rituals and events recognized and celebrated by New Peace. Details and more items will be added over time and is open to suggestions.

One can understand New Peace as a plugin that is backwards compatible with existing spiritual traditions.

Suggest a Ritual or Observance

Since New Peace is a new meaning system, it needs to be populated with rituals and observances relevant to the contemporary If you have a Ritual or Observance you would like to share and think is appropriate for New Peace, please send to


  • Creative Practice - Creativity and connection are the basis of the material universe.
  • Body practice
  • Inner meditation
  • Nature meditation
  • Psychedelic Experiences


  • Winter Solstice
    Spring Equinox
    Summer Solstice
    Fall Equinox
  • Eclipse Ceremony
  • Birth
  • Death
  • All Consensual Unions