New Peace Rituals and Observances

Spiritual traditions are activated and communities reinforced through Rituals and shared Observances. Below is a list of Rituals and events recognized and celebrated by New Peace. One can understand New Peace as a plugin that is backwards compatible with existing spiritual traditions.


  • Creative Practice
  • Body practice
  • Inner meditation
  • Nature meditation
  • Psychedelic Experiences


  • Solstices
    Winter Solstice
    Spring Equinox
    Summer Solstice
    Fall Equinox
  • Eclipse Ceremony
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Marriage

Suggest a Ritual or Observance

Since New Peace is a new meaning system, it needs to be populated with rituals and observances relevant to the contemporary If you have a Ritual or Observance you would like to share and think is appropriate for New Peace, please send to