New Peace is a new protocol for understanding one’s place in the vastness of time and space. A radically inclusive, secular, faith of the real. A mysticism for the anthropocene. One that fosters a spiritual relationship with the infinite creativity of pattern, matter and energy.

The Three Observations

At the core of New Peace lie three observations. From these observations follow a cascade of ramifications that help articulate a new sense of spirituality for today and the future; and from which can be derived a new orientation to the world.

The Undivided Ground

Immanence means that everything that exists, exists as part of the one whole, undivided ground of matter, energy and information. New Peace rejects transcendent planes, supernatural realms, or eternal essences because our universe of infinite creativity is sacred and mysterious in and of itself.

Truth of Difference

Difference is the point of life and the material universe. Through the evolution of the cosmos, we are the story of matter being told to itself in infinite permutations. By recognizing this truth, the foundations of a new post-human ethics can be laid.

Faith in Morphogenesis

New Peace seeks to introduce a new understanding of faith based on the inherent capacity for matter to organize and grow itself into the divinely aesthetic and diverse patterns found at every scale of our universe.

A New Protocol

Life on this planet stands at the cusp of a great threshold. Now more than ever do we need to construct new myths and express a new sense of spirituality. A spiritual relationship with the universe of pattern, matter, and energy we call home.

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Radical Inclusivity

New Peace has no membership. Or in other words its observations of the world are true for anyone and everyone, no conversion or belief necessary. New Peace seeks only to spread its memetic message in order to reengineer our species’s myths and beliefs in order to reestablish a connection with the real pattern, matter, energy universe.